​The following is taken from our Prospectus


All pupils are expected to wear the correct school uniform including the school hat which is compulsory head wear for all outdoor activity. School colours are green and gold. A uniform shop operates within the school, although it mostly deals with swimmers and caps, jumpers, second hand uniforms and bags.


Girls Uniform

Green & white striped dress
White OLHC ankle socks
Black lace-up school shoes

Boys Uniform Green & white striped shirt
Green formal OLHC shorts
White ankle OLHC socks
Black lace-up school shoes
Unisex Sp​orts Uniform

Bottle green polo shirt with emblem
Bottle green OLHC shorts
Bike pants, cotton lycra
White ankle OLHC socks
Predominately white joggers or black joggers​


Unisex bottle green tracksuit with emblem

 School Bag
 A school back pack and a library/swimming bag is available from the uniform shop

 Uniform shop hours​
 Tuesday 2:45pm-3​pm; Friday 8:15am-8:30am


All uniforms should be neat and tidy with polished shoes.​

  • All items of clothing should be clearly named.
  • Students with collar length hair or longer, must have it tied back from the face, using either a green or white ribbon/ headband only.​
  • Jewellery is not part of the school uniform. The only permissible items are small studs or sleepers for girls with pierced ears and a watch.
Uniforms can be ordered online through the Qkr! app. Once ordered and paid for, uniform orders will be collated and sent home with your child.