The Role of the P&F

The role of the P&F is to operate within the constitution to adhere to aims, objectives and general principles as pronounced in the constitution.

In particular to participate in the optimum spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of the students by

  • providing support, information and involvement of parents/caregivers in childrens' learning and the school community
  • developing collaboration between parents/carera adn school staff
  • promoting the principles of Catholic Education
  • fostering a distinctive Christian environment in the school
  • providing a medium for parent participation at diocesan, state and national levels.
  • creating a forum for discussion leading to support of school initiatives
  • providing information for parents on matters of contemporary education
  • planning and organising functions to bring the community together


Meetings and Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held in March each year. At this meeting all positions are declared vacant and nominations taken for positions on the executive. Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, evenings, at 7pm.‚Äč 


Roles of Office Bearers:

The President

  • Establishes good relationships, respect, rights, responsibilities
  • Has a vision of where the school is heading and how it will succeed
  • Develops a collaborative relationship with the School Principal
  • Plans meetings in consultation with the Principal and the P&F Secretary
  • Follows up on action from previous meetings
  • Displays impartiality, firmness, tact, commonsense, confidence, respect
  • Ensures meetings run according to the constitution
  • Ensures activities are sanctioned by the Principal
  • Ensures all community members are informed


The Vice-President

  • Supports the President by chairing the meeting in his/her absence
  • Shares duties and responsibilities as agreed


The Secretary

  • Prepares agendas in consultation withe President and Principal and advertises meetings
  • Takes minutes and distributes following meetings
  • Sorts correspondence and actions replies
  • Notes apologies
  • Keeps records and files of the organisation


The Treasurer

  • Keeps accurate financial records of all expenditure
  • Issues receipts for all monies received
  • Pays all accounts as authorised
  • Banks money regularly
  • Presents a monthly financial report
  • Arranges an audited report for the AGM
  • Checks monthly bank statements and reconciles deposits and cheque books with the statements


Sub Committee Members

  • Attend meetings regularly, and send apologies if unable to attend
  • Share responsibility for what has been agreed and follow up on actions
  • Attend to business of sub committee to obtain outcome.