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Year 4


Term Four 2016


Year Four have a very busy Term 4 ahead! Our English unit this term is integrated with both Science and Digital
Technology. We will be investigating the relationship between bees and flowers. While investigating, we will
examine the language of opinion versus the language of fact, as well as the structure and elements of digital
texts.  The students will then be representing their information in a digital format i.e. a wiki.
Our maths focus is on probability and data. The students will examine events and evaluate the probability of
the events occurring, as well as determining whether the events are independent are dependent. Using our
digital LIFE platform, students participate in a variety of activities to develop their understanding, including
looking at tree diagrams. 
In History, we will learn about the First Fleet. Some of the questions we will investigate include: Who came
with the First Fleet and why? What challenges were faced by the British when they arrived? What impact did
the British Colonisation have on the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?
Year Four love music and they especially love to dance. So one of the fun and creative activities we will be
doing this term is choreographing our own dance. The students will have to use their movement to portray a
simple message or feeling to the audience.