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This term has proven to be another busy one in Prep. We celebrated a beautiful Mother’s Day Morning Tea in the Prep area for our super dooper Mothers or somebody else very special in the children’s lives. The Preppies also led a beautiful Mother’s Day Liturgy in front of the school community in the Church with a blessing for all mothers, aunts, Grandmothers, Godmothers and other special women who are a part of our OLHC family. The Preps were very excited to show their appreciation and love towards their mothers during this very special celebration.  
In Religion, we have are exploring the fertile question “How do the stories of Jesus help our school community?” We are doing this through two New Testament stories “The Good Samaritan” and “The Ten Lepers”. The children will dramatise both stories and discuss feelings and emotions throughout the stories. We also discuss the idea that God gives humans the freedom to choose, and this freedom is to be used responsibly. The children will explore right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust choices from religious and other texts.
We have started finding out about our personal and family history with the introduction of “Travelling Rosie” who will visit each Prep family to find out about each Prep child’s personal and family history i.e. where they were born, where their parents and grandparents were born, and how the people in their family are related. This has been an extension from what we did in Term 1. In Term 1 we looked at our own families and that of others in Prep to see who had a family that was similar or different. It was interesting finding out who else was the first born, youngest or middle child. When Travelling Rosie returns to Prep each day, the children become “history detectives” and ask questions about their families. We are very interested to find out what school was like in the past by asking our grandparents or parents.
In language, we have continued to learn our sounds each week and are learning to blend sounds together to make cvc words. The children are enjoying reading the “Secret Password” each morning before they come into the classroom. The children are also learning some great reading comprehension strategies e.g. activating prior knowledge and predicting. We are becoming very quick at hearing rhyming words in stories as they are read to us. We continue to work with our iPads in language when creating pic collages using photographs of things beginning with the sounds of the week.
In Maths we will design and create hopscotch designs (investigating shape and problem solving strategies), planned and organised a  shared morning tea for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears (investigating equal parts and sharing) and will look at Wheels on the Bus which investigates sorting, collecting data and problem solving.
Science this term turned us all into weather watchers. We look forward to switching on the news and listening to our weather reporter each morning present the weather!
This term in Geography the students are starting to learn about the globe as a representation of the world they live in through making connections with their family heritage. As part of this, the students will present an oral on a 'Special Family Dish' looking at the link to their family, the occasions when these meals are eaten and from what countries these recipes have originated.  The class as a whole will then create some of these dishes for us all to enjoy. 
We also have an exciting Under 8’s morning planned in June where we get to enjoy life as an under eight year old and that means all the fun and creative things like painting, play dough, storytelling, kite making etc. We are looking forward to this event and thank our wonderful mums and dads who can help on the day.