Contemporary Learning

​Current research finds that traditional classrooms fail to meet the learning needs of many students and that redesigning educational spaces to engage all learners is the w​ay forward. Whether you are a student who learns best from the lecture style environment, conversations with peers or independently, students are provided with opportunities to support and engage them in their learning.

During 2018, our staff became more knowledgeable in contemporary learning through targeted readings, professional development and visits to other BCE schools who are living and breathing the pedagogy of contemporary learning spaces.  We are now well on the journey towards providing challenging and engaging learning experiences in a contemporary environment. Our learners are benefitting greatly from the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and for movement and comfort right across their day.

Brisbane Catholic Education has made available to us funding to replace classroom furniture in our remaining classsroom spaces and from 2019, all our rooms are outfitted in a contemporary style.